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Eligible Details
E1 Eligible Details
       E1.1 Proposed - Sanctioned - Not Sanctioned Abstract
       E1.2 Proposed - Sanctioned - Not Sanctioned Details
               E1.2.1  Total list of Pensioners with Eligibility Status - Annexure-I
               E1.2.2  List of Not Sanctioned(Ineligible)proposed Pensioners with detailed reasons- Annexure -II
               E1.2.3  List of Male applicants proposed for Widow Pensions - Annexure - III
       E1.3 Sadarem - Eligible -Not Eligible Abstract
       E1.4 Sadarem - Eligible - Not Eligible Details - Annexure - IV
       E1.5 Sadarem - Eligible Included in Acquitance Abstract
       E1.6 Sadarem - Eligible Included in Acquitance Details